Horoscopes: week beginning January 6

ARIES: The period between January 6 and February 4 is great for students and travellers, with many Arians achieving their dreams around these matters. Some will meet a rather special person during their travels. Those advertising, negotiating, needing advice, or involved in legal processes will obtain good results.

TAURUS: You should be able to obtain personal satisfaction between January 6 and February 4, as there is a wonderful depth to your emotions. Financially, you will be rewarded for your efforts and will find it easier to obtain loans, refunds and deal with other banking matters. These trends are most active on January 16-24, February 2-4.

GEMINI: Between January 6 and February 4 happier relationships feature, as people seem to be more congenial. An enticing romance is a real chance for those whose hearts are ripe, with such a romance likely being true love. Some may want to keep this romance secret for a while. Best dates are January 16-24, February 2-4.

CANCER: You will be happier in your work until February 4, as you are better able to utilise your creative talents. Work associates are in a more amiable mood and are likely to contribute to a more peaceful atmosphere in the work place. Difficult influences are operating during January 20-22, creating confusion around financial matters.

LEO: January 6 to February 4 can be a very romantic period, but it is also a happy one for parents and vacationers alike, especially on January 16-24, February 2-4. You should be feeling lucky during this cycle, with good cause. Working Leos also have the opportunity to indulge successfully in creative activities, both at work and play.

VIRGO: Until February 4 your home life will be more peaceful and coloured with beauty. Money seems to be changing hands in connection with a property, whether it is a simple purchase to beautify the home or the sale or purchase of a property itself. There also seems to be happy contact with family members at a distance, bringing unsettled conditions.

LIBRA: You seem to have a silken tongue during January 6-February 4, as your words and thoughts are refined and well balanced. Good news is likely to be received, but you should dig beneath the surface for an underlying message. Money is will be spent on a car, travel or communications, with January 16-24, February 2-4 highlighting this potential.

SCORPIO: The period from January 6 to February 4 brings the opportunity to generate extra cash and goods, although you may have a few minor problems to hurdle. Other people are helpful and partnerships tend to be productive. If problems should arise, it will be something you have overlooked or personally mishandled, especially on January 20-22.

SAGITTARIUS: You’ll enjoy work and the company of friends during January 6 to February 4, which is likely to be marked with special social occasions. You’ll be happier in yourself, having the potential to earn more money. This period tends to alleviate any stresses that may be operating in connection with health and work.

CAPRICORN: Between January 6 and February 4 there will be a number of problems to be resolved in connection with career, employers, business, authority figures, parents, love or children, but you’ll do it with a minimum of fuss. You have the knack of handling issues in the most appropriate manner. January 16-24, February 2-4 activate trends.

AQUARIUS: You’ll derive greater enjoyment out of life and will experience happiness through travel, the home, friends, studies or the attainment of ambitions in the weeks to February 4. There are many personal objectives that will be achieved during this time. Negative potential for money occurs during January 20-22 so guard against loss or theft.

PISCES: You will have the chance to outshine others on your career path during January 6-February 4, and are likely to be well rewarded with extra cash on the side. Thus, this is a good time to apply for that new position or approach someone in a position of influence for assistance. Best dates for doing so are January 16-24, February 2-4.

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