Matt Gresham returns to the venue he calls home to round out his national tour

Matt Gresham is gearing up for the last show of his ‘Who Am I Now’ tour at the Ravenswood Hotel this weekend.

The local artist kick started the Western Australian leg of his national and European tour in December but saved his favourite venue for last.

Gresham will be joined by special guests Ryan Edmonds and Jacob Pihema on stage this weekend.

His debut album and the musical travelogue behind the tour, ‘Who Am I Now’ is full of self-reflection and global insights.

Gresham recently bought a one-way ticket and packed up his acoustic guitar to explore the United States, Asia and Europe and write a bunch of new songs about his experiences.

The talented performer said he found a lot of influence in his worldwide observations.

“I have experienced orchestral music in Europe, electro in Berlin, hip-hop music in New York,” Gresham said.

“Hop, soul and electronica are just as obvious as samples from stations or sound scraps of conversations with friends.”

Ravenswood Hotel events organiser Dave Feenstra said the Ravo held a special place in Gresham’s heart.

“We always try to make the Ravenswood Hotel the last in his run of shows, kind of like a “coming home” gig,” he said.

“There is always a lot of energy in the air at the Ravenswood Hotel, like electricity.

“At Matt’s last show he asked the audience on the last song if they wanted to dance or if they wanted to cry – he truly has that ability as a performer.

“In my honest opinion he is truly one of this country’s greatest voices and his live performances are just on a whole new level.”

Feenstra said he had been inspired by Gresham’s music for years.

“I first came across Matt Gresham as a young 14 year old in my recording studio,” Feenstra said.

“I recorded his first demos way back when and he actually blew one of my studio mics beat boxing on it.

“Since then I have watched Matt grow as a performer and he considers the Ravenswood Hotel his home now.”

Matt Gresham will play at the Ravenswood Hotel on Saturday, December 15.

For more information, visit the Facebook event page.

To purchase tickets, call the Ravenswood Hotel on 9537 6054 or visit