‘We’re not a tip’: Op shop volunteer frustrated with rubbish dumping

A Mandurah Op Shop volunteer has expressed her frustration saying they are “not a rubbish tip” after three old, dirty couches were dumped outside the store. 

Make A Wish foundation volunteer Loreen Truman said they found the items in the driveway of the Silver Sands store on Thursday morning.

“We should be in there volunteering and not having to deal with this,” she said. 

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“Fortunately, we won’t have to pay for them to be removed because the owners of the building have taken care of it, but it’s not on.

“We have regular occasions were people dump their old rubbish or broken items outside.”

Ms Truman said they have also had people rummage through an outside bin, leaving items splayed on the floor. 

“We are asking people to not dump items or go through the bins,” she said.

“It makes the area look a mess and takes time away from our jobs inside the store – we are not a rubbish tip or a dumping ground.”

Ms Truman said they accepted bric-a-brac and clothing donations during store opening hours. 

In January, the Mail reported on clothes being stolen out of Good Sammy’s bins, with the organisation saying the issue was rife in Mandurah.