Mandurah makeup artist named the world’s best at the 2018 International Beauty Industry Awards

A Mandurah makeup artist has been named the world’s best at the  2018 International Beauty Industry Awards.

A leader in the beauty industry Jennifer Ellis has been named the winner of three categories at the prestigious awards.

Ms Ellis was chosen from hundreds of entrants spanning 15 different countries.

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She will receive three luxurious, hand-crafted statuettes, designed by the same people who make the Golden Globes, Emmys, MTV awards, and People's Choice Awards.

Ms Ellis began in the beauty industry in 2006 and specialises in beauty for print.

Her high level of skill from working around the world, in California, New Zealand, Indonesia and around Australia; along with her professional, friendly disposition and passion for helping others have established her as both an industry and client favourite.

The competition was not a popularity contest, but instead a panel of industry experts judging each artist’s work.

Ms Ellis has been selected for her creative makeup skills, which she attributes to her understanding of how to utilize science and mathematics to apply makeup.

“I was hesitant to enter, knowing that the competition was going to be really tough. But my life motto is that if you can’t get over your fear, then just do it scared,” she said. 

“I’m so glad I did. What an honour to recognized for my work.

“When you understand the science of makeup, you can noticeably enhance someone’s features.

“After studying and working on faces for years, I can genuinely say that every person has features that are beautiful, I just make it more obvious for them to see it for themselves.”

Ms Ellis has spent years honing her craft.

She has worked on dozens of Fashion Runway events, landed publications in countless beauty and fashion magazines, and has worked stage productions like Disney’s ‘The Lion King’.

She also made it as a finalist in three categories in the Asia Pacific Makeup Artist Guild awards earlier this year. 

“My vision has always been to help women recognize their own beauty because I know how powerful that is,” she said. 

“So I will continue to pursue my dream, making the world a little brighter, one client at a time.”