Blitz discusses Yalgorup National Park heritage listing

More than 100 people attended the 2018 Yalgorup Blitz at Yalgorup National Park last month.

The event on Friday, October 19 and Saturday, October 20 aimed to bring together naturalists, experts and community members to discover what lives within the area and celebrate what makes it unique.

Attendees identified over 60 flora species, 57 shorebird and bushbird species, four types of frogs and more than 100 different types of invertebrates including earthworms, slugs, trapdoor spiders and house centipedes.

Twelve endangered western ringtail possums were also identified.

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The bioblitz was part of the community engagement campaign for the Heritage Listing process and asked residents if they would like to see the park nominated.

The event was also organised to raise awareness about the Yalgorup National Park.

The city will continue to engage with the local community about the heritage listing.

Results will be released as part of a council report on the matter.