Police Sergeant stops by Halls Head ESC for 'inspiring' safety chat

Students at Halls Head College Education Support Centre were inspired and educated by Western Australia Police Force Sergeant Paul Trimble during an in-school presentation last month.

Sergeant Trimble spoke to year 7-10 students about cyber safety, sexting, shoplifting, underage drinking and drug abuse.

Organiser Endi Enoma said the presentation was a success with the students.

“Sergeant Paul gave a very impressive, lively and informative talk to both staff and students,” she said.

“I spoke to Sergeant Paul about him coming once a term or once a semester every year to reinforce those social messages to our students.

“He is quite happy to come or send another officer and do a presentation with our students in the future.”

Students said Sergeant Trimble was “cooler” than they expected and interesting to listen to.

The visit was aimed at promoting social responsibility and discussing what it means to be a good Australian citizen.