Amy Swerlowycz delivers plenty of LOLs in new show

Former Dawesville resident and performer Amy Swerlowycz has found herself overwhelmed by internet infidelities as part of her latest show You’ve Got Hate Mail.

Written by Billy Van Zandt and Jane Milmore, the story follows Richard, who is having an affair with Wanda and accidentally sends an email intended for his lover, to his wife.

What ensues is an internet farce where a marriage is on the rocks, but none of the characters actually talk to each other face-to-face – all communication is done via emails, texts and phone calls.

A performer in high school, Swerlowycz took a detour through two science degrees before taking part in a few acting classes which re-awakened her passion to perform.

She plays unlucky-in-love Peg who thrives in the chaos that is created with a few clicks on the keyboard.

“She’s a bit of a drama queen at heart. But don’t get on Peg’s bad side because the girl can hold a grudge,” Swerlowycz said.

“Although she may never have learnt the life lesson about catching more flies with honey, she is fiercely loyal to those she cares about.

“Right now I’m focusing on making sure my voice projection is up to scratch for the show – the other cast members have amazing deep, booming voices so I’ve got to work hard to compete with them.”

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The show is the first production from ARENAarts in their name permanent home at the Roxy Lane Theatre

You’ve Got Hate Mail is a quirky, fast-paced show with some great one-liners, and it mirrors real life with everyone almost always connected to a wifi network,” Swerlowycz said.

“While this is mostly a good thing, sometimes things do go awry.

“In its own way, the show is a reminder that, sometimes, it’s okay to switch off.”

The show is intended for mature audiences and features adult themes, sexual allusions and some coarse language.

You’ve Got Hate Mail will play at the Roxy Lane Theatre on selected dates until October 27. For more information, visit