Animal cruelty: Distressing video of emus run down by Australian driver

Video shows a man running down several emus with a vehicle.
Video shows a man running down several emus with a vehicle.

An Australia-wide hunt is on for a man who appears to have used his ute to deliberately mow down a mob of emus on a dirt road.

RSPCA branches across the country are examining a video posted on Facebook which shows the mustachioed man maniacally laughing as he counts aloud each emu he smashes over before he appears to turn the camera on his own face.

"That's f***ing great, that's what I'm about," the man says in the video.

The video opens with a shot of an isolated outback dirt road as the man screams out "f***ing emus" and gains on the fleeing birds.

Reaching speeds of up to 120km/h as the radio blares Kip Moore's Something 'Bout a Truck the young man, who has a red P plate displayed on the dash and is driving one-handed as he films, shrieks with apparent joy as he catches up to the frightened animals.

"I've got that one too, and that one," he says as he hits them.

He ends the video with a shot of himself smiling and yelling "yes".

More than 10 emus appear to be hit and left for dead. It is unclear where the video was filmed.

A screengrab from the video.

A screengrab from the video.

The RSPCA shared the shocking footage on Thursday urging anyone who recognised the man to come forward.

"Such horrific cruelty has no place in our society," the animal welfare organisation said in a statement.

"The RSPCA unequivocally condemns this type of behaviour as it clearly shows a disregard for the lives of these vulnerable native animals and raises grave concerns about this individual's capacity for such behaviour."

A NSW Police spokeswoman told AAP they were examining the video to establish where it was filmed.

"We’re all just trying to figure out where it’s happened so we can then move to see if we will investigate," she said.

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