Ocean Road Primary: Senior students inspire peers in science fair

Ocean Road Primary School year 6 students recently held a science fair with a large emphasis on teaching younger students through demonstration. 

Throughout the term students worked in pairs or small groups to research, plan and conduct a scientific investigation for the fair, spearheaded by science teacher Joanne Harman. 

Spokeswoman Rebecca Beatty said students put in hard-work in preparation for the event. 

“All students from Kindergarten through to year 5 came out and had the opportunity to watch some of the experiments and listen to the year 6 students sharing their understanding of the scientific concepts involved in their investigation,” she said. 

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“There was a huge range of investigations including the reaction of bicarb soda in soft drinks, bubbles, how different chemicals react, making slime and monitoring different seedlings and their growth.”

Student Macklin Flynn said it was great to see the excitement on the younger students’ faces when they observed the experiments being conducted and listened to the scientific explanations.

Student Troy Stapely said his festival highlight was investigating how the different liquids reacted and changed the density of the clouds.

Student Grace Fauntleroy said she enjoyed the live experiment and teaching the younger students.