‘Disturbing picture painted’: Mandurah man pleads guilty to seventh drink-driving charge

Photo: Marta Pascual Juanola.
Photo: Marta Pascual Juanola.

Magistrate Anne Longden told the court a “disturbing picture was being painted” after a Mandurah man pleaded guilty to his seventh drink-driving charge and his fifth driving under suspension charge.

Brian Allen Duxbury, 46, pleaded guilty to driving with a .124 gram blood-alcohol-level, dangerous driving and driving under suspension when he appeared in the Mandurah Magistrates Court on Tuesday. 

Police prosecutor Tamara Read told the court Duxbury was weaving in-and-out of traffic in a Holden Astra along Pinjarra Road in Ravenswood about 1am on August 10, 2018. 

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Police witnessed the incident and unsuccessfully attempted to intercept the car.

Ms Read said Duxbury turned right on Beacham Road and started driving on the wrong side of the road before becoming stuck in a water-filled ditch. 

She said Duxbury told police he was visiting his wife in Pinjarra and made a stupid mistake to drive while intoxicated.

A parole officer told the court Duxbury had his licence suspended in April in the Perth Magistrates Court, until June 19, 2020.

The officer said Duxbury, who was on a community based order, was generally good at reporting and suffered from mental health issues and alcohol abuse. 

He was recieving counselling and medication for his bipolar and anxiety disorder. 

Magistrate Anne Longden told the court the fresh charges were worrying.

“There’s a disturbing picture being painted,” she said.

“You are putting everyone at risk with your continued behaviour.”

Duxbury told Ms Longden it was a pity because he had “been doing so well”. But Ms Longden said she had heard it all before.

He will reappear in the Mandurah Magistrates Court on October 16 for sentencing, after a pre-sentence report had been prepared.