Once bit, twice shy: Snake aversion training for Mandurah dog owners

As the warmer weather approaches, training your pet to avoid snakes is key to avoiding a tragedy, according to a wildlife education and training expert.

Animal Ark managing director David Manning said thousands of dogs were killed every year by snakebites and training could keep pets and working dogs sage.

“For our dogs it’s a tricky task as they are curious creatures  - many find our dangerous snakes just too intriguing to leave alone,” he said.

“Just one encounter can end in tragedy, but training is available to help keep dogs snake smart this season.  

“Training your dog to be snake smart is one more thing owners can do to help protect their pets this season.

“Curiosity can kill, but with a little help even the most curious dogs can learn to be twice as shy, and leave snakes alone.”

Animal Ark base their training on aversion techniques, which has delivered positive results.

The company will deliver training for dog owners in Mandurah on December 1.

The event will take place in Dawesville and costs $195 per dog – for more information visit www.snakeavoidance.com.au.