Mandurah’s new cancer centre to be built on corner of Kookaburra Drive and Minilya Parkway

Mandurah’s new cancer centre is to be built on the corner of Kookaburra Drive and Minilya Parkway, with the company responsible for its construction hoping it will open in the first half of 2019.

Mandurah Mail revealed earlier this week that Genesis Care WA planned to build a facility in the Peel region, which would offer chemotherapy and radiotherapy services to patients.

This will mean residents requiring radiotherapy will no longer have to travel to Perth, Rockingham or Bunbury for the services.

Genesis general manager Michael Davis said the centre would be within walking distance of Peel Health Campus.

“For about fifty per cent of cancer patients, radiation therapy can be a vital part of the treatment plan at some point during their cancer experience,” he said.

“Currently, patients in the Peel region travel for an hour or longer to Perth or Bunbury for treatment, which can involve daily sessions for up to eight weeks.

“The daily commute back and forth can add to the existing burden for individuals and their families.

“Our state-of-the-art cancer centre in Mandurah will bring together innovative cancer treatments and leading doctors to provide world-class care to the local community.”

The centre will host a high-end linear accelerator capable of delivering the latest radiation techniques, a chemotherapy day unit and specialist consulting suites.

Radiation Oncologist Dr Eugene Leong, who has been consulting in Mandurah since 2014, said the Peel region had an “urgent need” for expanded oncology services.

“The comprehensive centre will make a considerable difference to local patients and their families - I’m excited to be a part of the development team,” he said.

“For patients where a cure is no longer possible, radiation therapy has an important role in alleviating some of the symptoms of cancer, such as bone pain.

“This new centre will greatly enhance the current capability to receive palliative radiation therapy in the area. Urgent cases will be able to undergo rapid access to treatment.”