‘It’s quite an event’: Waroona Dam overflows

The Waroona Dam has overflown for the first time in about 20 years, generating excitement among locals. 

Shire president Mike Walmsley said it was the first time the dam, built in 1966, had been at capacity since the 2003 wall reconstruction.

“It’s quite an event...quite a few locals have come to check it out,” he said. 

“It used to overflow years ago when we would get decent rain. Now it is overflowing, for the first time in a long time.

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“Once that spillway is running, it is at capacity.”

Mr Walmsley said people from all over the state visited the freshwater Dam, mostly for water skiing. 

“The fresh water is great. You don’t have to wash your boat down,” he said. 

”It should be a good summer season with the abundant water.

“Last year we had to limit areas of skiing, but some of those will probably be accessible, with it being at capacity.”