Lake Clifton woman fined after escaped dogs attack neighbour’s animals

Mandurah Magistrates Court. Photo: Marta Pascual.
Mandurah Magistrates Court. Photo: Marta Pascual.

A Lake Clifton woman has been ordered to pay more than $2000 after her two dogs escaped her home before brutally attacking a neighbour’s goat and sheep.

Michelle Leanne Fullarton (49), was charged with having dogs in a place without consent, and two charges of being liable for a dog attack on an animal. 

She was not present in the Mandurah Magistrates Court when her case came before Magistrate Anne Longden on Tuesday, August 7.

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Shire of Murray representative Ron Porter told the court the ram had bite marks on its rump and wool ripped from its body.

He said the goat, ‘Nanny’, had multiple bite marks to its neck, armpits, belly and rump and a blood stream running from its neck. 

Both the goat and sheep were euthanised because of their injuries.

Mr Porter said Shadow was chasing and biting her goat, ‘Nanny’, on the shoulder, before Bella joined in, “taking it to the ground”.

Mr Porter said Newnham Road neighbour Jaclyn Smith saw staffordshire-bull terrrior-cross, ‘Bella’, and mastiff, ‘Shadow’, in her backyard jumping at her bird aviaries about 8.30am, on July 6. 

Later that day, a different neighbour Tania Yeomans saw the dogs attacking her goat, ‘Nanny’, in the backyard.

Mr Porter said she saw Shadow bite Nanny on the shoulder, before Bella joined in, “taking her to the ground”. 

The dogs released Nanny.

Mr Porter said Ms Yeomans walked out the back to find her ram had been mauled. 

The dogs were registered to Troy Douglas Fullarton, but at the time of the offences they were under the control of Ms Fullarton.

Mr Porter said the Fullartons’ home did not have proper fencing and the dogs had since relocated to a family member’s Waroona property, which was secure. 

Mr Porter said the maximum fine for a dog attack was $10,000 and for having a dog in place without consent was $5,000. 

Fullarton was fined $2000 with $205.30 costs.