Mandurah Catholic College students go green to save environment

Students at Mandurah Catholic College have been embracing the idea of sustainability, with a number of new initiatives inspired by Plastic-Free July making a big difference.

The school has launched a Keep Cups drive, where sustainable receptacles are sold for $10 – with the proceeds going towards the College’s Flores Mission fundraising efforts.

Students have also been collecting bread bag tags, which are donated to a charity organisation that uses them to make walking aids for people in South Africa.

"This takes a lot of bread bag tags, but it saves them from going to landfill," Head of Information Services Mrs Sarah Love said. 

"We aim to fill the jar each term.”

Year 9 students have been designing and manufacturing reusable bags as part of the Ban the Plastics campaign.

Year 5 students Reece Hiller and Mason Hicks have created a one-minute video, titled Ocean Pollution, to raise awareness.

The College's social justice committee has been designing posters promoting actions that are environmentally-friendly, such as reminders to turn off lights and air-conditioners when leaving the room.

SJC committee member, Jamie-Anne Madigan was featured recently for her dedicated campaigning to promote the "Ban the Plastics" message. 

The Year 11 student has been educating young students about the need to ban single-use plastic bags and coordinated a campaign at a local primary school that saw hundreds of plastic bags collected and exchanged for reusable bags.