Hail hits Mandurah in wild weather

Is it too late to celebrate Christmas in July? Because Mandurah certainly looked like a winter wonderland on Wednesday evening. 

If your idea of wonderland actually involves hail and not snow, that is. 

Parts of Mandurah were blanketed in what appeared to be white snow in Wednesday night’s wild weather, with Erskine, central Mandurah, Madora Bay and Dudley Park all reporting hail. 

The coastal city also saw 13.4mm of rain fall from 9am that morning, and had wind gusts of up to 74km/hr. 

Locals experienced a chilly night, with the temperature getting down to a low of 8.4 degrees at 2.30am. 

The weather is expected to ease up in coming days, but make sure to keep those umbrellas handy. 

Showers are expected for Thursday, Friday and Saturday, before clearing for a cloudy day on Sunday. 

Temperatures are warming a little with a max of 17 degrees forecast for Thursday. 

Friday will see a max of 17 and minimum of 13, Saturday is expected to get to 15 with a low of 11 and Sunday is expected to be 15 with a low of 10. 

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