‘Appreciate the Small Things’: Seascapes mural unveiled

A colourful mural by a renowned Mandurah artist was unveiled in Seascapes on Saturday morning, to dozens of community members. 

Small Things aims to encourage people to appreciate everyday moments, artist Tahnee Kelland said. 

“Life is about all the little moments...it is importance to recognise the beauty in these things,” she said. 

Tahnee’s art is well-known in Mandurah. She is responsible for the kookaburra mural at Pinjarra Bakery and the vibrant artwork outside Paper Planes Co including the multi-coloured bricks. 

Her new piece features a mermaid holding a ball of light containing a sea horse.

Seascapes Community Association representative Deb Maybury said the mural aimed to “bring people together and raise prosperity in Seascapes”. 

“It’s a reminder to find beauty in life’s little treasures,” she said. 

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Mandurah MP David Templeman who gave a speech at the official unveiling of the mural, said he was lucky to be Minister for Culture and the Arts. 

“I have one of the best jobs in the state government cabinet,” he said. “I get the chance to go and see lovely art and acknowledge our creative people.

“Tahnee, you have inspired us, and thank you for your work.” 

Mr Templeman said initiative Local Jobs, Local Projects helped to fund Tahnee’s mural. 

“This initiative has helped to pay a creative person,” he said. “Creative people do a lot of stuff for nothing, so I am really pleased.”

Peel Development Commission also donated money towards the project.