Drunk woman kicks ambulance officer in face

Photo: Shutterstock.
Photo: Shutterstock.

A 19-year-old Mandurah woman was granted a spent conviction in court after kicking a St John Ambulance officer in the face who was treating her for alcohol poisoning. 

Police prosecutor Mick Fallows told the Mandurah Magistrates Court on Friday, the woman had been drinking on the afternoon of May 26, 2018, before going to Murphy’s Irish Bar and Norma Jeans nightclub.

About 1.45am, an ambulance was called for the woman who was “heavily intoxicated” in Smart Street Mall. 

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Officer Fallows said she “violently thrashed her arms and legs” after being assisted onto a stretcher by an ambulance officer, subsequently kicking him in the face and injuring his nose.

He was taken to Peel Health Campus following the incident.

The woman’s lawyer said she had consumed a “large amount of alcohol” throughout the day and thought she was being attacked by the ambulance officer.

The lawyer said the woman was triggered by the situation because she had recently left an abusive relationship. 

The woman had seen a councillor and GP following the incident.

Magistrate Anne Longden granted the woman a spent conviction, because she was unlikely to re-offend and was “genuinely remorseful” for her actions. 

The woman was fined $800 and ordered to pay $100 costs.