Mandurah man's record-breaking India ride for Peel Youth Medical Service

Travelling the four corners of India is no easy task. 

The 14,000 kilometre ride comes with the risks of dangerous wildlife, roads prone to avalanches, India’s equivalent of the Gaza Strip and altitude sickness. 

Combine that with a time limit and you get some sort of idea of what John Nye is doing to beat the current Gusiness World Record for travelling solo around India on a motorcycle, all in a bid to raise money for Peel Youth Medical Services (PYMS). 

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“It's to try and achieve my own personal goals; it's to try and raise money; and it's to try and raise awareness,” he said. 

“Sadly, the Peel region seems to have an incredibly high number of youth fatalities.

“We lost our son to a road traffic accident and that's really what started all of this.

“But there's also depression and suicides and this is the work that PYMS work on.

“There seems to be a high number of tragedies and maybe, just maybe, somewhere in amongst it, this will do something good.” 

The idea originated from a promise Mr Nye made to his son before he died in 2010. 

It was their shared dream to complete a ride around Vietnam and when the Mandurah father ended up completing the ride, it “created a bit of a bug”. 

It inspired him to ride around Australia in 2017, which was when he first started to ride for charity. 

“It's like everything; it's like a snowball. Now it's gotten bigger than Ben-Hur,” Mr Nye said. 

“I was trawling through the web when he saw an article of a guy who did what is called the four corners of India. 

“Looking at it, this guy set a world record in 34 days, and I've got a big mouth and I said I'd do it in 30. So next thing I know we're applying to the Guinness Book of Records.

“Last time one of the biggest motivations was raising funds so I thought this time, let's do it properly.”

The JC Rides Again fundraising event will be at Mandurah City Soccer Club on July 14 from 7pm. Finger food, live music and entertainment will be provided, and there will also be raffles and auctions on the night. 

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Donations can also be made at