Dog owners urged to keep dogs on lead following attack

Photo: Shutterstock.
Photo: Shutterstock.

K9 Rescue Group has called on dog owners to be more responsible for their pets following a local dog attack. 

K9’s Janine Matthews said owners should think about their dog’s safety when letting it off the lead. 

It comes after a little dog was let loose in its front yard, while a larger dog was being walked on a lead outside the house. 

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“The little dog came running up, barking at the big dog; the big dog retaliated thinking it was being attacked by this dog,” Ms Matthews said. 

“It attacked the little dog and unfortunately it died. Because that little dog wasn't on a lead it was their fault.”

Ms Matthews said the owner of the big dog had death threats, people tried to bate the dog and in the end, the larger dog was put down. 

“We need people to be more aware that some dogs need to be aware don't like little dogs,” she said.  

“Some dogs don't like men; we have some dogs here that don't like men and that's because of where they've come from.

“That's the only downside about a rescue dog; you don't know what their history is.

“Your dog might be OK with you outside the front door but that instant that it sees another dog, it might be off.

“Especially with little dogs, it doesn't take much for a big dog to, unfortunately, kill it.”