Have your say on aged care

A new website asks whether Australia is getting aged care right.
A new website asks whether Australia is getting aged care right.

If you feel you've been fobbed off, ignored or kept in the dark over residential and in-home care, here's your chance to share your insights.

Brisbane-based independent advocacy group Older People Speak Out has launched a website to collect, moderate and present submissions from older and infirm people or, on their behalf, from concerned family or carers.

Project spokeswoman Marjorie Green said the website asks whether Australia is getting aged care right and presents mounting evidence that is not always the case.

"In fact, in building our special website, we have drawn together links to a good deal of that coverage in what is the first serious attempt to paint a fuller picture of what is happening across the sector," Ms Green said.

"OPSO recognises that, too often, older and infirm Australians are being neglected, mistreated and their care has been shabby… our website aims to change that by giving those most affected a voice, either directly or through someone who cares for them.

"By sharing their concerns publicly, we will be providing pointers for policy makers and politicians who are working on, or debating, proposed reforms."

The website features sections on residential aged care, in-home and community care, policy and costs. It also offers useful resources for residents, families and carers looking for assistance.

Ms Green said privacy and confidentiality were assured.

"If something isn't right, if the care is below what was promised or expected, then tell us via the Your Say on Aged Care website," she said.

"Conversely, if your experiences have been positive, that will be helpful for us to know and to acknowledge."

She said it was "not a finger-pointing exercise".

"What we're looking for is the overall picture of what is happening and what people see as needing urgent change."

This article first appeared on www.thesenior.com.au