Environmental advocates win Mandurah’s May ‘Local Legends’ award

Two environmental advocates, who have worked tirelessly for close to a decade restoring the health of Lake Clifton, have been named Mandurah’s latest Local Legends.

Jenny Rose and Nancy Fardin, members of the Lake Clifton-Herron Landcare Group, have been instrumental in bringing people together to complete huge amounts of restoration works around the lake.

The strong supporters of the area’s natural resources, including the endangered and significant Thrombolites, inspire their local community to help along the way in restoring and protecting the landscape.

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Over the years, Jenny and Nancy have made a considerable on-ground impact through works including weed removal and replanting natural vegetation.

All of their time and efforts spent on these projects are voluntary, and they have never lost sight of their goal.

The drive and determination of the two women has resulted in more than 30 hectares of land being restored, or in the process of being reestablished, around Lake Clifton.

When asked what motivates their work, Nancy replied “the reason I’m here is that we love the Australian landscape, it’s so unique in the world.”

When Nancy moved to Lake Clifton in 1982 from overseas she was immediately drawn to the natural environment and was passionate to protect it.

She then embarked on a small environmental project on their property and her work has grown from there.

She reflected on the importance of playing a part in protecting the local environment and cited additional personal benefits gained through learning and meeting interesting, like-minded people.

Jenny’s interest in the environment stemmed from her love of photography and on-ground appreciation of the area and joined the great voluntary efforts underway by her local Landcare group around nine years ago.

Her passion about the management of the natural environment drive her work to preserve, revegetate and enrich areas degraded by urbanisation.

She added “we all need good areas that we can go to for our wellbeing” and humbly described her contribution as simply “doing what we do because we care”.

Mayor Rhys Williams said Jenny and Nancy had made an enormous difference to the spaces they have worked in, alongside the community.

“I congratulate Jenny and Nancy for their years of dedication towards restoring Lake Clifton and surrounding areas, and helping to protect Mandurah’s natural assets,” he said.

“This dynamic duo are real drivers of improvement and change in regards to natural resource management in the Lake Clifton area.

“They spread their enthusiasm and passion to others along the way, and are always there to welcome people with a cup of tea and a walk around the lake.”