Employee fined for stealing parcels from Waroona Australia Post

A woman has been fined $1800 for stealing customers’ parcels and letters when she was an employee of Australia Post at Waroona. 

Linda Terese Coote pleaded guilty to stealing letters and parcels from Lake Clifton, Preston Beach and Waroona, during the month of October in 2017.

The retiree also pleaded guilty to stealing a CCTV system in a parcel on February 8, 2018.

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Prosecuting officer Mick Fallows told the court Coote was caught stealing the parcel on camera in February, but disposed of the item shortly afterwards, in an industrial bin at IGA. 

In an interview with police, Coote admitted to stealing the item because “she needed a CCTV system”, officer Fallows said. 

Her lawyer told the court “guilt overtook” Coote, and she was too scared to return the item to the store.

The lawyer said Coote had “severe mental health issues” and had seen a counsellor following the incident.

Magistrate Anne Longden said the stealing as a servant was “top-end” and it was concerning Coote could not offer an explanation for her actions.

Coote was fined $1800 and ordered to pay costs of $100. 

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