Spooky: Educated on the ‘afterlife’ on Fairbridge ghost tour | Photos

I have have never believed in ghosts or the “afterlife”, but I went on psychic medium Anthony Grzelka’s Fairbridge Ghost Walk with an open-mind.

On Friday night I talked to a number of people about their beliefs, and I have to admit...some of their arguments were impressive. 

There were about 25 people on the tour. Many had been on the Harvey father-of-three’s other tours, or have had a one-on-one physic reading. 

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Attendees gripped their torches and followed Mr Grzelka, who led the walking tour through the historic site on Friday night. 

Tina Bearsby attended the tour with her son, and said they were both interested in “paranormal activity”.

“We’ve done quite a few tours with Mr Grzelka and have become followers,” she said.

Ms Bearsby said the pair had been to a haunted homestead in Greenhough and Oakabella, and now wanted to see if Fairbridge had any “activity”. 

On previous tours there had been touching, apparitions in windows, stone-throwing, objects moving and a number of of “orbs” in images, she said. 

Skeptics believe an orb, that looks like a ball of light, is a dust particle. But I was told on the tour that orbs were a spirit and are easily captured on high-quality cameras and phones.

Mother and daughter Janice Harnett and Elizabeth Edwards showed me images of orbs they had captured at the Fairbridge cemetery, Glasgow Cottage and the church. 

“They’re not clear to the naked eye,” said Ms Harnett. “But your phone or camera can pick them up.”

Both women were brave enough to sleep in a room that Anthony said was haunted by a young girl who had fallen out of the window. 

Leanne Mcguire-Kelly, who has a skeptic husband, said she started to believe psychics after Anthony told her something nobody else could have known.

“It’s not until you have had your own connection, that you start to believe,” she said. 

I was not brave enough to stay the night, but I did visit a cottage where an “electromagnetic field meter” was apparently “sensing paranormal activity”, and stones were being thrown. 

Following the tour, I spoke with Anthony about his medium abilities and he said he was five or six when he saw his first spirit.

“You think everyone is seeing the same thing, but by my mid-teens I realised I was experiencing things that not everyone else was,” he said. 

Mr Grzelka said he had appeared on television multiple times in the past 20 years, but said popular Channel 7 program The One tested his psychic abilities. 

He was one of 10 psychics chosen, out of 2000 applicants. 

Mr Grzelka said a “great bunch of people” joined the Fairbridge tour, and it was enjoyable because the village had a great deal of history. 

“You’re going to have ghosts, but it doesn’t necessarily mean its haunted...it just has spiritual activity there,” he said. 

“There’s a companionship with everyone, and we really enjoy the experience and have fun.”

I enjoyed talking to people on the tour and hearing their experiences, but I don’t like to be frightened...so this may be the last ghost tour I put my hand up for.