Wellbeing program uses technology and role models to inspire students

A new national program, trialed and launched in Mandurah, uses technology and “real-life role-models” to inspire students in making good decisions about their health and well-being.  

Champion Life engages students with exercises and challenges, demonstrated by a role model, who has been filmed prior, including famous sportspeople, politicians, musicians and everyday inspiring people. 

Partnerships director and Mandurah resident Nick Jenkins said the program “used technology to inspire kids, rather than fight it”.

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“They love filming themselves and using their devices,” he said. 

“It’s all about giving it a go and it’s a personal achievement, they’re not competing with others.

“Challenges can be completed alone, in pairs, as a class group or even at home with family.”

Mandurah Catholic College piloted the program in 2016/17 and now Falcon Primary School has jumped on board, being the first public school to take part. 

Mr Jenkins said the launch was “huge” for the area. 

He said the program was for students at all levels of fitness.

“Every student needs role-models and a boost in exercise,” Mr Jenkins said. 

The Champion Life program is aligned with the Australian National Curriculum and outcomes are provided to students and parents within their report. 

The business hoped to sign 10 schools by the end of the year, but they have reached that target in just two weeks, Mr Jenkins said. 

The program was launched at Falcon Primary School last week, where Mr Jenkins spoke and presenter Stacey Umeh walked students through various exercises.