Are these Mandurah’s worst parker for 2018? | PHOTOS

Double trouble. Photo: Supplied.
Double trouble. Photo: Supplied.

At first glance these parking jobs don't look that bad. 

In fact, the two parkers aren’t even slightly crooked. 

But check again. 

It’s not so much the parking skills which have been pulled into question, but rather the location. 

That’s right, both drivers have chosen to park their vehicles in the carpark entry. 

We love to hate a bad parker – and it seems Mandurah isn’t short of them. 

Over the years, the Mandurah Mail has been sent a slew of nominees – albeit unwilling ones – for Mandurah’s worst driver. 

Some Mandurah drivers have proved that it’s not just while in transit that their skills have been … well, bad. 

We’re only a couple of months into 2018 and we’ve already had multiple nominations for this year’s title. 

Check out some of the worst drivers the Mail have been sent over the years. 

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For now though, we’ll leave you with this little gem.