Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull announces massive Peel infrastructure package in Lakelands

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has revealed details of a $824 million infrastructure package centered around Canning MP Andrew Hastie’s electorate in the Peel region.

Mr Turnbull was joined by Mr Hastie and federal cities minister Paul Fletcher at Lakelands Shopping Centre on Friday morning and said he had earmarked funding to build the Lakelands Train Station, if a $2 million business case gives the green light.

Mr Hastie had been campaigning for the construction of the long-awaited train station, which has been on the drawing board since the early 2000s.

Mr Turnbull came to Mandurah in 2017 and discussed the site of the station with Mr Hastie and stakeholders.

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“The only reason we’re able to do this is because we’ve got a strong economy, businesses are investing, we're providing the incentive with lower taxes for small and medium family businesses,” he said.

“They’re investing, they’re hiring, that’s why government revenues are stronger and that’s what we get with good economic management.”

Mr Hastie said he had been campaigning hard to get the project off the ground.

“Mandurah needs infrastructure that will relieve congestion, improve road safety, grow the local economy and expand access to jobs in Perth,” he said.

“The only train station in Mandurah was completed 10 years ago. A Lakelands statio will increase economic and social opportunities for the people north of Mandurah.”

The announcement was applauded by Mandurah Mayor Rhys Williams.

“From my point of view I’m really glad to see the detail around what this station could look like and what the impacts will be,” he said.

“Because what we have to think about is what are the other infrastructure needs that wrap around this train station and what road networks are going to need to be changed.

“But it’s really good to hear there’s going to be some detail around this and should the detail stack up, there’s some funding after this.”

Mr Hastie said he was pleased the City of Mandurah was “finally starting to see the benefits of this project”.

“Last year, they said they would prefer a train station outside the City bounds, but I welcome the comments of the Mayor in support of Lakelands residents who’ve waited a decade for any action,” he said.

“It’s time for the rest of the council to get behind the ratepayers they represent.”

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Mandurah mayor Rhys Williams talking over coffee in Lakelands on Friday morning. Photo: Caitlyn Rintoul.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Mandurah mayor Rhys Williams talking over coffee in Lakelands on Friday morning. Photo: Caitlyn Rintoul.

Mr Turnbull also announced an expansion of Tonkin Highway to connect it to South West Highway after Mundijong Road and the extension of the Armadale Rail Line to Byford.

Mr Hastie said these roads would provide a “straight shot to the airport” for businesses in the Peel region who export to overseas markets.

“I’ve been meeting with businesses in Mandurah who have been looking to expand, some of them are exporters, and I anticipate we’ll see a lot of people setting up here and investing in the Peel region, which will create jobs and opportunities,” he said.

“We shouldn’t just look at it as something just for the Shire of Serpentine-Jarrahdale, this’ll activate the whole Peel region.”