Dwellingup resident upset over shire’s tree cutting plan

A Dwellingup resident said she was horrified and saddened, after returning home to find decade old trees in her street chopped down. 

Several shrubs and small trees were hacked in Holyoake Road and Church Street. 

Debra Atherton has lived on Holyoake Road for 18 years and said the trees had never been an issue.

She said it was “senseless” to cut down trees that didn’t pose a risk to road use, fencing or overhead power lines. 

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Ms Atherton said the trees were added to the street appeal, as well as providing shade for residents. 

“I've arrived home from work to the up most of disbelief,” she said. 

“The shrubs that have been cut down where no where near the power lines, just senseless in what the tree contractors have done.”

She was most upset by the cutting of a weeping bottle brush trees, which had stood in the street for more than 30 years.

Ms Atherton said it was “poor judgement” by the Shire of Murray.

Shire of Murray chief executive officer Dean Unsworth power line pruning was undertaken in the shire’s localities on an annual basis.

“The Shire of Murray in association with Western Power, contracts mandatory tree pruning works for the purposes of maintaining an appropriate clearance zone for trees located on street verges, near to or under powerlines,” he said.

“Pruning works are undertaken in accordance with Western Power specifications and by contractors trained in arboriculture techniques, to remove hazards while protecting the natural growth and formation of trees.

“This work is undertaken to ensure the safety of the community, especially in a fire prone area.”

To read the Shire of Murray’s policies on tree cutting in the region, visit their website.