Mandurah Country Club golfer sets new record on world’s longest golf course

Mandurah Country Club golfer Hayley Bettencourt enjoyed a brand new form of success when she broke the record at the world’s longest golf course earlier this week.

The Nullarbor Links World’s Longest Golf Course spans 1365 kilometres and presented a whole new challenge for the Mandurah-based professional, but a birdie on the final hole Kalgoorlie saw her wrap-up more than four days of play with a score of -2, good enough for a new course record.

Tackling the outback terrain on the Nullarbor course had been on Bettencourt’s bucket list for almost a decade, but when she teed off with partner and fellow Mandurah pro Braden Becker (who equaled the existing record) she never dreamed of conquering the best score.

Bettencourt tackled the course with partner Braden Becker. Photo: Facebook/Hayley Bettencourt Golf.

Bettencourt tackled the course with partner Braden Becker. Photo: Facebook/Hayley Bettencourt Golf.

“I’ve been wanting to travel the Nullarbor and do the course since before I went pro, so I was kind of pinching myself when we teed off,” she said.

“I didn’t think I’d go that well because I’m not really a big hitter and my drives aren’t that long, so I was over the moon when I set the record.

“We just did it for a bit of fun, but to get that score is something I’m pretty proud of now.”

Bettencourt implored any avid golfer to test themselves on the Nullarbor Links, which she said was one of the most challenging courses she’d ever golfed on.

“Anyone who is really into their golf and enjoys a challenge should give this course a go,” she said.

“Just trying to comprehend the size of it is a mental challenge, and anyone who is used to playing on big green fairways has to adjust to the clay and rocks, but it is such a great experience and there’s really nothing like it.”

The course spans from the South Australian town of Ceduna through to WA’s Kalgoorlie, with a hole in each allocated town or roadhouse along the Eyre Highway.

Each hole includes a green and tee and somewhat rugged outback-style natural terrain fairway.

Bettencourt will now turn her attention back to the luscious greens as she’s set to compete in a string of pro-am events.

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