Ballet Revolución brings the heat to Mandurah

A ballet visual extravaganza is heading to Mandurah after taking Europe by storm.

Ballet Revolución will return to Australia on a national tour, heading to the Mandurah Performing Arts Centre on May 2, 2018. 

With breathtaking twists, daring jumps and sensual moves from ballet to street dance, Ballet Revolución has already thrilled audiences in sold-out shows from Singapore to Berlin, Vienna and London.

Ballet Revolución choreographer Aaron Cash said the cuban dancers have exuberant energy and a contagious joy of life, which they turn in to an explosive and intense performance. 

“The show is amazing,” he said.

“The energy of the dancers is phenomenal...they give you their heart.”

The show was hailed by audiences after its recent shows. 

The Daily Express in London said the performance was “dazzlingly fast paced, humorous and sizzlingly hot-blooded,” while The Guardian said, “It pumps you up and delivers and endorphin high!” 

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The dancers let their athletic bodies do the talking with their outstanding sensuality producing a mix of modern dance styles and elegant ballet with Afro-Cuban dance traditions.

Cash said the performance was not “reinventing the wheel”; rather, giving the audience a chance to relax and forget about their daily woes.

He said Cubans have a lot of similarities to Australians.

“They’re hard working and passionate,” Cash said. “They dont have a lot but they have a really fun time.

“All they need is a bottle of rum and the radio playing – then a party starts with dancing. A real ease of life.”

Cash said their way of life reminded him of his younger years in Brisbane. 

He said he was disappointed he would not be travelling with the troupe to Mandurah, because he was a fan.

“I have spent a couple of summers in Mandurah and I have very good friends there,” he said. “It is very dear to me.” 

The dancers were trained at one of the world’s most prestigious dance institutions in their home country, the Escuela Nacional de Arte and at the famous Escuela Nacional de Ballet for classical dance.

The academy actively seeks out the most talented children and young people from the country’s 14 provinces.

After studying there, many of the graduates from the dance department join the country’s leading companies.

Dance training is strongly promoted in Cuba, as dance means more than art; on the Caribbean island, it means “life”.

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