Allambee Counselling launches new domestic violence service in Mandurah

Domestic violence support: Mandurah MP David Templeman and Allambee Counselling manager Nicole Lambert. Photo; Caitlyn Rintoul.
Domestic violence support: Mandurah MP David Templeman and Allambee Counselling manager Nicole Lambert. Photo; Caitlyn Rintoul.

A new program designed to deliver free support to family and children in crisis, has launched in the region.

The Mandurah-based domestic violence support program received the green light after nabbing a $1 million funding injection from the state’s Labor government over the next four years.

The program, run through Allambee Counselling, will also create a number of jobs in the Peel region. 

Speaking at a educational forum held for other service providers, Allambee Counselling manager Nicole Lambert said she was thrilled to finally launch the program.

She said Allambee Counselling had been advocating for the new program for more than six years and thanked Mandurah MP David Templeman for coming on board with their push for funding.

“I would like to personally and publicly thank David Templman. We’ve been advocating for more than six years… and David been a strong support of that,” Ms Lambert said. 

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She said Allambee Counselling had seen had times in the past where they would often experience funding droughts, one of which lasted 18 months. 

She credited her team for their commitment, passion and ability to continue providing a vital service in those periods.

“The need is huge, and we’re still not able to meet the need with the funding we have,” Ms Lambert said. 

She said the funding injection from the state government  would go along way to helping the Mandurah community. 

Ahead of the 2017 state election, Mr Templeman made a pledge to bettering Mandurah’s crucial health services, such as the domestic violence crisis counselling Allambee provided.

“I am proud to deliver my Election Commitment of $1 million over four years for Allambee’s new Peel Family and Domestic Violence counselling service,” he said.

“It’s so very important that this service is now funded by the McGowan Labor Government. One of the most important election commitments I have delivered since I’ve been local Member for Mandurah.

“The fact that this particular commitment is going to make a real difference, is pleasing for me personally.

“I am so proud of the journey of Allambee for over the last 26 years and the continued expanding of services they provide to the Peel Region.”

The allocated funding formed part of a $7 million boost for family and domestic violence counselling, advocacy and support services throughout WA this financial year, including $1.36 million for Pat Thomas House.

The Allambee Counselling program will be free for all participants and will mainly focus on assisting with trauma following domestic violence.

Allambee counsellors will work with clients to address what has happen to them and build on their strengths, resilience and skills.

Counsellors aim to help clients understand how their family background leads them to their current siu

The program aims to assist whole families, however doesn’t provide perpetrator support. 

Intensive preventative information sessions and community education workshops will be undertaken as part of the program.

Currently, Allambee Counselling help deliver school-based domestic and family violence and sexual assault prevention program “Love Bites” to local students. 

Love Bites promotes protective behaviour education and opens dialogue with students about sexual assault and domestic violence issues in society. 

Ms Lambert said the funding meant there was no cap on the amount of clients that could benefit from the program. 

She said while clients could self refer, it was recommended that people a referral from other agencies first so that there was adequate background information available.

Ms Lambert said referrals would smooth out the process for Allambee counsellors.

For more information on the new program or to get a referral form visit Allambee Counselling’s website.

Services available to assist victims of domestic violence include:

  • Pat Thomas House: 08 9535 4775
  • Women’s Domestic Violence Helpline: 1800 007 339
  • Crisis Care Helpline: 1800 199 008

To report an incident related to family and domestic violence, call police on 131 444.

Victims of domestic violence in immediate danger should call 000.