Community events win big in Shire of Murray’s latest funding distribution

Locally-based events were the big winners in the Shire of Murray’s latest round of the Community Assistance Partnership Fund. 

The Community Assistance Partnership Fund is a joint-venture between Aloca of Australia and the Shire of Murray.

The fund aims to assist local-based organisations build vibrant, inclusive and healthy communities through their various projects and initiatives. 

Applications for the funding were assessed by a panel that consists of two Shire of Murray staff and two representatives from Alcoa. 

The fund is in its second round of three for 2017 and 2018, with a total of $18,891.21 to be contributed. 

Round two funding was allocated for projects commencing after February 28.

Community groups were only invited to apply for funding up to $3000, plus GST in each financial year. 

All applications had to be for projects that aligned with the Shire of Murray’s 2025 Strategic Community Plan.

So who were the winners and losers? 

Dwellingup Pumpkin Festival, Pinjarra Garden Day and Pinjarra Peel Paddle 50 were among the top recipients of the funding. 

Among the community events supported, Coolup Land Conservation District committee claimed the largest tally with $3000 allocated for a vegetation survey and mapping across Lake McLarty. 

A plan by Coolup Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade Cadets to purchase much needed uniforms was bolstered with a grant of $1200. 

Some of the bigger losers during the funding distribution were the Murray District Rangers Soccer Club and Murray Eventing. 

Both received nothing after the soccer club applied for $2630 for their Canteen Floor and the equestrian club asked for $3000 to purchase a new trailer. 

According to council the reason for declining their request was because the group could apply for grants through other funding sources. 

To read the full list visit the Shire of Murray’s website and view minutes from their last meeting