Zak Kirkup announces Peel Health Campus funding rally over 'health crisis'

Photo: Carla Hildebrandt.
Photo: Carla Hildebrandt.

Dawesville MP Zak Kirkup is set to host a community rally in a bid to encourage more funds for Peel Health Campus. 

Mr Kirkup announced the rally on Wednesday, in response to the “deepening health crisis in the region" and to call for more resources in “the wake of unprecedented community concerns about bed numbers and staffing levels”.

"I continue to have a large number of people contact me with their recent experiences at Peel Health Campus,” he said.  

“While the staff at the hospital do an amazing job one thing is clear: there needs to be an urgent and immediate expansion of the emergency department.

"I have made the issues at Peel Health Campus very plain and clear to the Minister for Health. I have written to him, I have had a number of parliamentary questions and debates with him, I even invited him to attend the hospital and tour it with me on a Friday or Saturday night. Unfortunately he is completely missing in action on this issue."

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Mr Kirkup continued to say Health Minister Roger Cook’s “ignorance hit a new high last week” when he visited Mandurah for meetings, but didn’t visit the hospital.

"The Minister continuing to ignore Mandurah is nothing short of an insult to our city and legitimacy of our claims concern at Peel Health Campus." Mr Kirkup said.

"This isn't a political issue - there have been two Liberal and two Labor state governments since the hospital first opened. I'm not interested in party politics, I am interested in getting this issue fixed for our community."

Mr Kirkup said he would be inviting all community leaders to attend the rally to help show their support, and urged the community to get involved. 

“I’m hoping for a crowd so large that the Minister for Health can no longer ignore our pleas for an immediate expansion to the emergency department and a long-term plan for our hospital,” he said.

"I urge everyone in Mandurah to join the rally, so we can show this government that they can't afford to turn their backs on us any longer.

"We need an expanded ED and we need a long-term plan for our hospital now."

The rally will be at 6pm on May 1. The location is still to be announced. 

For more information or to sign up to the rally go to or call 9534 3200.