Mandurah MP David Templeman hits back at opposition criticism of health review

Review: Mandurah MP David Templeman with City of Mandurah councillor Darren at the Peel Health Campus. Photo: Supplied.
Review: Mandurah MP David Templeman with City of Mandurah councillor Darren at the Peel Health Campus. Photo: Supplied.

Mandurah MP David Templeman has hit back at criticism levelled by the opposition at the government’s Sustainable Health Review.

On Wednesday, opposition Peel spokesman Zak Kirkup raised concerns about the lack of detail in the review’s “interim” report about resources at the Peel Heal Campus.

But Mr Templeman said the report “highlighted the Peel as an area where demand was increasing”.

He attacked the Liberal party’s credibility on health care in the region.

“The last major expansion of the Peel Hospital was when Labor was last in power,” he said.

“And we had a Liberal health minister as the Member for Dawesville and he did nothing to progress additional resources for Peel.”

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There were 19 public forums held as part of the Sustainable Health Review over the last few months, including one in Mandurah attended by Mr Templeman and Murray-Wellington MP Robyn Clarke.

“The McGowan Government will use the Sustainable Health Review to help inform future health policies and the provision of services across the State of Western Australia, including the Peel region,” Mr Templeman said.

“I urge all West Australians to take the opportunity to be involved – health is everyone’s business and we need to work together as a community to drive change.

“I will continue to ensure the health interests of Mandurah and Peel region people as we plan for the future.”

It is understood Health Minister Roger Cook was in Mandurah on Thursday to meet with councillors from the City of Mandurah about the hospital.

On February 27 councillors agreed to advise Mr Cook about their concerns “over the current level of planning for the future needs of Mandurah and the Peel region”.

The final report of the Sustainable Health Review will be delivered in November.

The McGowan Government's Sustainable Health Review has identified 12 "directions" for health services throughout the state:

  1. Keep people healthy and get serious about prevention and health promotion
  2. Focus on person-centred services
  3. Better use of resources with more care in the community
  4. Facilitate effective interaction between acute and community-based mental health services to deliver mental health reforms across the WA health system
  5. New ways to support equity in country health
  6. Develop partnerships for Aboriginal health outcomes
  7. Create and support the right culture
  8. Greater use of technology, data and innovation to support consumers, clinicians and drive change
  9. Harness and support health and medical research collaboration and innovation
  10. Develop a supported and flexible workforce
  11. Plan and invest more wisely to deliver future-focused infrastructure and services
  12. Building financial sustainability, strong governance, systems and support services