Mandurah then and now: satellite images show city's development | photos

Take a step through time and see how Mandurah has changed over time. 

Check out how some of Mandurah’s most well-known landmarks have developed, and how the overall footprint compares to four decades ago. 


What a difference a few decades make! 


Just like a magic, Lakelands appeared out of nowhere.

OK not quite like magic, but in 1974 there was no sign of the popular suburb. 


In the years since 1974, Western Australia’s answer to Venice’s infamous canals came to life. 

North Pinjarra

Same, same but different. 

It’s easy to recognise North Pinjarra from it’s 1979 satellite image, but it’s also clear just how much it has grown.

South Pinjarra

As we head south, you can see how Pinjarra’s footprint has grown westward since 1979.


Since 1974 Wannanup has gone through a massive transformation. 

What was once bushland, is now a thriving suburb (complete with canals).

Special thanks to Landgate who helped the Mail out in sourcing these satellite images.