Coodanup Clontarf Academy meets with City of Mandurah to strengthen relationship

The Coodanup Clontarf Academy met with the City of Mandurah last week with the hopes of developing a relationship so their students would have more employment opportunities in the future. 

Clontarf regional manager Michael Lay said himself and Coodanup Clontarf director Craig Callaghan met with the Mandurah employment facilitator, Peel Chamber of Commerce president and the mayor. 

“We want to have a relationship with the city and know when new jobs are available,” Mr Lay said. 

“We discussed how our boys could have more opportunities in Mandurah and spoke to the mayor about some opportunities at the council level that we might be able to access and introduce the guys to, that we are currently unaware of.

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“As soon as we get the guys exposed to casual employment and work, we know that leads to a better life outcome.”

Mr Callaghan said the academy had developed a relationship with Kmart, who had offered graduates employment and work-site tours in the past. 

The Coodanup Clontarf Academy are preparing for an employment event on August 8, where they hold mock interviews, speak with bank representatives and meet with potential employers.

“Last year four boys received employment,” said Mr Lay.

“That’s great but this year we want to take it up a notch. That’s why we started discussions with the city and the Peel chamber to see if there’s any way we can improve it.”

Mr Lay said it was positive for the students to see older boys getting opportunities.

“It’s a subtle but powerful thing,” he said. 

“Also, the boys get intimidated and don’t feel like they are worthy so the more experience they get, the more confident they are.”

Mr Callaghan said the academy was always seeking businesses to help the students with internships or employment.

“It would have to be the right fit for the student but we are are always seeking help in that area,” he said.