Mandurah-famous faces: PMs and pollies edition

Some of them are Mandurah-famous and some of them are world famous, but all of them rested their heads in our city at some time or other.

You’ll find rock legend Jimmy Barnes with former Mandurah MP Roger Nicholls at a fundraiser at Mandurah Greyhounds.

Also in this collection are a couple of pics of the MP who knocked Roger Nicholls off in 2001, David Templeman, looking very fresh-faced on the hustings.

Do you remember when former federal opposition leader (and Australian ambassador to the United States) Kim Beazley was the local member? And Geoff Gallop was Premier?

Watch out for “Mandurah Community Health and Development Centre’s senior social worker” Paddi Creevey.

And did you know Keith Holmes Reserve was named after a real bloke who was once mayor?

Now you do!