Mandurah artist shines light on digital evolution in new exhibition

A Mandurah artist showcased digital prints in his first solo-exhibition, and in turn, has highlighted the way computers have changed the art industry. 

With a background in painting, Paul Fleetham said he preferred working online because he liked the “speed of digital”. 

“It’s like looking at music on Spotify,” he said.

“You don’t have to get a record out – you can skip really quick and go the speed of your brain rather than having to wait for the paint to dry.” 

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At his exhibition at Contemporary Art Spaces Mandurah, Mr Fleetham told the Mandurah Mail he found inspiration in everyday objects.

“The background of that piece was actually shirts hanging in a closet,” he said. “I manipulated them to make them into a landscape.”

Mr Fleetham said printing a piece and seeing it in a gallery, changed how he saw the work. 

“They are usually on my phone or computer so it’s interesting to see it on the wall and in a different form,” he said. 

The exhibition consists of 40 unique digital hybrid prints with another 170 projected pieces interchanging via a projector. 

Art On The Move executive director Kim Jameson, who opened the exhibition on the night, said the pieces were “an embodiment of who Paul is”. 

“It’s an extension of him – what you see is the multiple layers of who Paul is,” she said.

“It’s the type of work that you can take at face value, or you can dig a little deeper. It’s accessible to everybody. That’s why I think it’s a great exhibition because it has that accessibility to it.”

The exhibition will run to March 3, 2018 at Contemporary Art Spaces Mandurah.