Mandurah street artists collaborate to bring big ideas to the city

Mandurah Street Artists have collaborated with a dream of giving the city a face-lift, one wall at a time.

After sharing his idea of a self-funded beautification campaign with the Mandurah Mail in January local tradesman and artist Isaac Leef received quite a bit of attention for the community.

One resident paid particular attention to his concept, because she had a similar idea in mind.

Mandurah artist Tahnee Kelland was gearing up to launch her own campaign when she read an article about Mr Leef.

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Having a large portfolio of work in the city, including four public works and 13 private works, she has plenty of experience to bring to the idea. 

Ms Kelland said she saw the need to revitalise the city and believed art was a perfect way to do that. 

After speaking with various businesses and lining up walls to work on, the duo eventually met CJA'S Earthly Treasures and Healing Centre owner Chris Malisch.

Mr Malisch allowed the artists to paint a wall at the rear of his property and said he was delighted the pair approached him.

“It’s terrific. I think it’s great,” he said. 

The wall now boasts a large pink and grey galah, surrounded by native flora. 

Mr Malisch said his friends and customers were blown away by the vibrant mural and were keen to see more of them around the city. 

The duo are looking to start a new initiative called The Rejuvepaint Project which aims to beautify the community and curve graffiti. 

The duo also aim on creating a trail map, to allow the public to find their works around the city. 

Ms Kelland said the map would be similar to projects like Tiny Doors Mandurah.

Mr Leef said the trail could help to activate space in the city and he was excited to bring interactive elements to initiative. 

The pair also said they would like to getting youths and homeless people involved in the project in the future. 

He said he was glad a fellow artist was keen to work toward the same goal. 

“We shared the same vision and goal for our community,” he said. 

So far six walls had been donated by local businesses, including a large wall at a local op shop. 

The duo will use the mural on the wall behind CJA'S Earthly Treasures and Healing Centre as a presentation piece to try to acquire funding for their project.  

If you would like to donate contact Mr Leef via or 0406 759 674. 

Please report any suspicious graffiti activities, no matter how insignificant, to Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or the City on 9550 3777.

Information about ways the City of Mandurah tackle graffiti vandalism can be found at