Peel-Inlet resident dolphin Frill dies from it's extensive sunburn injuries

A beloved Mandurah dolphin that suffered from severe sunburn has died from her injuries. 

Mandurah Peel-Inlet resident dolphin Frill was first observed with these wounds by the Mandurah Volunteer Dolphin Rescue Group.

The Mandurah Dolphin Research Project informed The Department of Biodiversity and Conservation and Attractions.

“We will keep a watchful eye on her and anticipate a full recovery,” the group said on its Facebook page. 

Frill’s body was found in Coodanup on Sunday, stripped of most skin in the shallow water. 

It is understood that tissue samples were taken for genetic testing to determine her age but an autopsy was unable to be performed due to the deteriorated condition of her body. 

“Other Peel-Harvey resident dolphins have suffered similar burns in the past and are now thriving,”  Mandurah Dolphin Rescue Group posted on its Facebook page on January 18. 

If you ever see a dolphin stranded or in distress contact the Wildcare helpline on 08 94749055.

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