Mandurah hosts workshop ahead of plastic bag ban

Photo: Shutterstock.
Photo: Shutterstock.

With Western Australia’s ban on lightweight single-use plastic bags just five months away, the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation is holding a workshop in Mandurah to help people change the way they shop and do business.

Environment Minister Stephen Dawson is urging the community to take advantage of the workshop which is aimed at helping plastic bag suppliers, retailers and consumers prepare for and comply with the ban.

“These workshops provide an opportunity for people to ask questions and share information on how the ban will work on a day-to-day basis,” Environment Minister Stephen Dawson said. 

“Banning lightweight single-use plastic bags is a significant win for our environment.”

From July 1, retailers can no longer supply lightweight single-use plastic bags to their customers.

In the lead-up to the ban, retailers are being encouraged to stop ordering plastic bags which will be part of the ban, think about alternatives to plastic bags and prepare staff to help customers who are unaware of or do not support the ban.

Consumers are encouraged to consider carrying reusable shopping bags, look at alternatives for the single-use plastic bags used around their homes and support retailers and staff upholding the law by not supplying single-use bags.

The Mandurah workshop will be held at the Mandurah Country Club on February 14 from 1-2.30pm. 

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