Mandurah Courthouse: Lawn bowl thief shows no remorse

Photo: Shutterstock.
Photo: Shutterstock.

A couple appeared in the Mandurah Courthouse this morning after they stole a bag of lawn bowls and equipment worth $595 from Dudley Park and attempted to re-sell the items on Gumtree.

Joshua Ngatai pleaded guilty to stealing the four bowls, tape measure and a metal pick-up-stick from outside the Dudley Park Bowling Club at 9.30pm on October 9, 2017 but told the court “if you leave your stuff on the footpath – you lose it”. 

Casey Culbertson pleaded guilty to receiving the bowls from her boyfriend, Joshua Ngatai, and then advertising them on Gumtree for $250.

A Mandurah man bought the bowls from the pair, not knowing they were stolen and has since had to return them to the original owner. 

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Magistrate Anne Longden told the court that “some poor old man lost his lawn bowls and some other man thought he had got a bargain”. 

Culbertson was fined $500 and $190.85 in costs. 

Ngatai was fined $900, 190.85 costs and ordered to pay $376 to the complainant.