Lyn Beazley addressed MALA in Mandurah

Prestigious neuroscientist and educator Lyn Beazley made bold statements about the future of the Peel Region when she visited Mandurah on Monday.

The 2015 WA Scientist of the Year addressed the Mature Adults Learning Association (MALA) Summer School on the regions potential to be a world leader in areas that included ecotourism, education and environmental management. 

MALA course convenor Hazel Butorac said the highlight of Ms Beazley’s speech was when she spoke about ecotourism.

“She said the Peel Region had so many opportunities for the future,” Ms Butorac said. 

“That Mandurah was very good in tourism but they can even do better.”

She said Ms Beazley spoke of Mandurah being a biodiversity hotspot with its coast, rivers, wetlands and forrests.

“She said we should set up a dolphin centre – there are 100 in the estuary,” Ms Butorac said. 

“It would be more beneficial for the area because it would bring tourism and would be good for business.”

Ms Beazley said she enjoyed speaking at the Mandurah Performing Arts Centre. 

“It was terrific –  I spoke for well over an hour,” she said. 

“It was very interactive and there was lively discussion following the speech. There were UWA students through to the mature group.”

Mature Adults Learning Association course convenor Hazel Butorac.

Mature Adults Learning Association course convenor Hazel Butorac.

The MALA summer program started last year after Ms Butorac noticed there was a need for it in Mandurah. 

“Someone said there was nothing on in January so I started it up. “I organised the first one and it was very successful,” she said. 

About 691 people attended the lectures, some travelling down from Perth for the program. 

“Some slept here, some caught the train everyday,” she said. 

“I immediately booked in the next program.”

At the conclusion of this week, ten influential people would have spoken to the Summer School attendees. 

MALA runs ongoing education classes throughout the year at the Seniors and Community Centre in Mandurah. 

The not-for-profit has run since 2007.