Mandurah Riptide actor directs Fringe performance

Eight Mandurah theatre students will premiere a performance during Fringe World 2018 that is written, directed and curated entirely by themselves.

The students from youth theatre group Riptide will hold four shows at the Mandurah Performing Arts Centre and two nights at The Blue Room Theatre in Perth. 

Ambitious 22-year-old Ruby Liddelow will direct the show Cardboard Kingdom that explores the defiance and danger of living outside the boundaries of the ‘real’ world.

Ruby said she was initially nervous about the new role, but eased into the responsibility. 

“I am rounding up the sheep and tying the string together,” she said. “But it’s a collaborative process so we work together to suggest things.”

“The team are amazing to work with. I now feel more confident that I can do independent projects.”

The group was mentored by experienced theatre maker, writer and educator Dr Alan Hancock.

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“We were lucky enough to be supported by the Drug Aware YCulture Regional grant earlier this year to bring in Alan to help turn our devised ideas into an exciting new script.” Ruby said. 

“This new work is based around the idea of imagination in the form of a kingdom which is being threatened by the monotony of adulthood.

“We will explore how we can use the creativity of childhood as a weapon against a future which isn't as bright as it seemed.” 

Riptide artistic director Katt Osborne said this was the first time the young troupe have been given complete creative freedom. 

“Besides mentorship from myself and the writing skills development, the company will be completely in charge of the creative vision and the direction, writing, designing and performing of the final work,” she said.

“Riptide is youth arts led by our young community and we are proud to be nurturing such a talented group of emerging arts from the Peel Region through our program.” 

The show will be held at the Fishtrap Theatre in the Mandurah Performing Arts Centre on January 30 and February 1-3 from 7.30pm. 

After this it will be held at The Blue Room Theatre from February 9-10 from 5pm. 

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