North Pinjarra: Face lift on the cards for aged suburb

Locals in North Pinjarra are standing up for their patch, and a Shire of Murray strategy is helping the isolated and ‘forgotten’ suburb achieve that.

The North Pinjarra Revitalisation Strategy has promised to deliver a prosperous future for the suburb in the Peel region.

Extensive community consultation has been undertaken as part of the project, through consultant group, Bank of Ideas. 

In July 2016, the shire engaged the group, in a hope to put a finger on the suburb’s issues. 

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Locals have been “screaming out for change” for decades, according to resident, shire councillor and progress association president Brad Cardilini. 

He said the area had been forgotten and needed to re-establish its sense of community. 

Mr Cardilini’s wive Emma is the North Pinjarra Progress Association’s secretary and said as a woman with children, something needed to be done to engage young families in the area. 

“We need something that can pull this community back together,” she said. 

“Over the years people have moved out of the area and residents don’t know each other so well. People keep to themselves and there’s not much going in the area to bring those people together.

“Out here our youths are isolated from Pinjarra itself. Apart from parents or they walk there’s no way for them to get backwards and forwards.” 

So far, the group found youth development and a greater sense of community as key components to improving the longevity of North Pinjarra. 

Upgrades to the community hall and oval precinct and the suburb’s entrance through beautification were also mentioned as contributing factors.

Mr Cardilini said a funding injection to turn the aged hall into a vibrant community precinct would been a major boon for locals. 

Shire president David Bolt said the knowledge derived from the process will help to positively influence the suburb’s future.

“North Pinjarra is several decades old and lacks diversity; a well-planned, integrated and active Revitalisation Strategy will help improve the town’s social fabric and sense of place,” he said. 

At its December meeting, council nominated Ange Rogers and Douglas McLarty to represent the shire as part of the strategy’s community reference group.

A draft strategy will be prepared in accordance with the Shire’s 2017- 2021 Corporate Business Plan.