Halls Head heritage-listed Sutton Farm up for sale

With heritage-listed Sutton Farm in Halls Head up for sale the iconic attraction’s future is, once again, unclear.  

Owner and local businessman Paul Lance, has listed the landmark for sale through Mack Hall Real Estate.

Mr Lance brought the property, on the banks of the canal, in late 2013.  

At the time Mr Lance had grand plans for the 1.47 hectare property, with the intention of enhancing the area and bringing back some life into the old buildings.

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Since purchasing the property Mr Lance has had to jump over various bureaucratic hurdles to progress plans for new developments along the northern and southern boundaries. 

The City of Mandurah gave those plans the green-light in September 2017. 

In October 2016, Mandurah City Council unanimously endorsed recommendations to rezone the site as ‘special use’ rather that ‘tourist’.

Various concepts have been prepared and submitted over time for the subject area.​ 

Real Estate agents Mack Hall and Adam Lenegan are managing Sutton Farm’s sale. 

Possible development opportunities suggested by the agents include tourism, serviced apartments, licensed cafe/restaurant, art gallery, bed and breakfast, reception centre, small bar, wine house. 

Sutton Farm boasts 90 metres of canal frontage, 143 metres of street frontage and sub-division plans for the plot have been lodged.

The plot includes the original heritage 'homestead' with outbuildings, including a barn and accommodation quarters.

The Sutton Farm, constructed in the 1870’s, is of high historical importance for its link to the Sutton and Cooper families, some of the earliest European families to settle in the Peel region. 

It features a homestead, a single men’s quarter, a barn and a family graveyard, and is bounded by Apollo Place and Old Coast Road to the east, short stay accommodation units to the north, a canal to the west and vacant residential lots to the south.

Potential owners will have to factor in the heritage values of the site and their on-going obligations under the relevant state and local heritage laws.

Mandurah Mail have contacted Mr Lance for comment.