Mandurah’s Vivid Gallery hosts resin workshop for a good cause

Creative flair was flying for a good cause at Mandurah’s Vivid Gallery in December, during local artist Lucy Catherine’s community resin workshop. 

The community workshop taught 10 women the basic safety and skills of working with the medium. 

Lucy Catherine is a committee member at the gallery located on Smart Street Mall. 

During the event, the group got the chance to work together to create an 80 centimetre circular piece, that will be auctioned off for charity.

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Lucy Catherine said while initially she was unsure how the finished product would turn out, she was delighted by the outcome.

She said the final result of the joint project was “just beautiful”.

“It was more just to have fun and learn how to work with resin,” she said. 

“It was decided that the painting would be auctioned off, with 100 per cent of the proceeds going to local charity Halo, who help the local needy and homeless.”

Lucy Catherine said her work was inspired by the Mandurah waterways.

She said the joint project reflected the picturesque Peel region by using “beautiful ocean blues with touches of gold”.

She said the artwork was bound to suit any home in Mandurah. 

The artwork will be displayed for public viewing at the gallery from January 8 to February 11.

“Resin art is tricky to photograph so we advise dropping in and having a look for yourself,” Lucy Catherine said. 

Bidding starts at $40.

The highest bidder will be notified by phone on February 12.

Along with the artwork auctioned for charity, there will be other pieces displayed at the gallery from local artists, with paintings changing every eight weeks.

The workshop held on December 22, was supported by the City of Mandurah.