Wastewater spills on road near Port Bouvard Bridge

About 20 kiloletres of wastewater covered Old Coast Road in Dawesville on Sunday after a main pipe burst nearby.

Water Corporation Perth regional manager, Garth Walter said this pipe had never burst but a number of breaks had occured to a pipe on the north side of Port Bouvard Bridge. 

”There have been a number of breaks on the north side of the bridge, and Water Corporation is currently tendering to renew this section of the main, with work onsite expected to begin in March 2018.”

Mr Garth estimated that about 20 kilolitres of wastewater overflowed from the broken main.

“Wastewater is 99.97 per cent water, as it comes mostly from showers, baths and washing machines,” he said. 

Water Corporation spokesperson Claire Lugar said the incident, that happened about 10am on Sunday morning, was initially reported as a water leak.

“This meant it was a lower priority,” Ms Lugar said. “When we arrived we realised it was actually an overflow of wastewater.”

Ms Lugar said the nearby vegetation or waterway had not been impacted by the leak.

“After the initial assessment, we understand the wastewater has gone into a drain and is contained,” she said.

“Noting has overflowed into the Dawesville cut.”

Tests will be done on the pipe to determine the cause of the burst, and can take more than two weeks.

‘We want to see how we can prevent this from happening again,” Ms Lugar said.

No nearby houses were impacted by the spill.