Dolphin Quays litter build up shocks Mandurah resident

Each morning Mandurah resident Doug Whitfield goes for a walk along Dolphin Quays to take in the scenery, but he was shocked to find the waterways covered by litter on Wednesday. 

The resident of 10 years was particularly distressed when he saw birds swimming through the trash. 

Mr Whitfield held concerns for the small shags’ health, worried they could swallow the garbage. 

Bottles, hats, shoes and plastic bags were just some of the items floating in the canals. 

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He said the garbage trail stretched about 50 to 60 metres. 

Mr Whitfield labelled the mess as disgusting.

“Not impressed with my walk around Dolphin Quays this morning,” he said.

“Saw some birds getting caught up in the massive garbage collection floating around the canal.”

Mr Whitfield also said he saw a “bus load of tourists having a good laugh and taking pictures of it”. 

A City of Mandurah spokeswoman said litter and illegally dumped items were a concern. 

People caught illegally dumping can be prosecuted under the Litter Act 1979 which attracts a minimum fine of $200, with a maximum penalty $10,000 if taken to court.

To report any littering or illegal dumping to City of Mandurah contact Ranger Services on 9550 3777 or email