Mandurah marsupial lovers put their passion to use

Local marsupial lovers are putting their passion to use, by starting a new group to assist creatures in need.

Mandurah Just Joey Marsupial Care co-founder Dot Terry said the group has 30 members, who care for animals in their own homes. 

If you look around Ms Terry’s Coodanup home it's strikingly obvious that she’s an animal lover. 

From cows to owls, Ms Terry has statues, pictures and trinkets depicting various animals. 

“I’ve always had a soft spot for animals,” she said.

She urged the public to contact their refuge services if they came across a marsupial in danger.

The group care for possums, kangaroos, chuditch, quoll, banicoot and phascogales. 

“We care for anything that’s a marsupial pouch baby,” Ms Terry said. 

“We specialise in the very pink, the very young babies.

“We’re all very experienced and highly trained, and all registered with DPaW.

“We thought people should have an alternative place to take things and something perhaps a bit closer to Mandurah. 

“We also cover the Rockingham-Baldivis area and all of the Peel region.

People are starting to realise that we are here. We’re starting to get quite a lot of calls now.” 

Ms Terry said she had been a registered carer for more than 50 years. 

She said the group was slowly building its profile, and hoped to entice new members down the track. 

The group’s full equipped to support young marsupials, thanks to various Perth hospitals donating humidicribs, a type of incubator used for the care of premature babies.

The group is currently self-funding the operation and would appreciate donations from the community and businesses.

If you see a young marsupial in danger please call Ms Terry on 0409 734 125 (Mandurah) or Trish Dixon on 0407 251 140 (Rockingham-Baldivis).

For more information about the service visit their Facebook page